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Research Guide: Research Services

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Need help with your research assignment for a class or just need to improve on your general research skills? You have come to the right place! Explore the guide to help you improve your knowledge and skills. View the Tutorials page to learn how to access and start your search. If you need further assistance, please contact the Library.


Subject Guides

Librarian has created guides for conducting research in all subjects taught at LAFS

Research Guides

These guides show you step-by-step on how to use research tools, such as citations. 


Tutorials to help you access some of the resources and conduct searches to improve your research skills. 

Publish Your Work

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Creative Commons

Student Work Repository (if interested; email

Why Media Literacy?

TRUST ME is a feature-length documentary exploring human nature, information technology, and the need for media literacy to help people trust one another, bring them together and create a more resilient population.


Books - useful when:

  • You need a broad overview of a topic.

         Example: animation

  • You need an in-depth look at a topic. 

         Example: A biography of Freddie Mercury

Books -  are not useful when: 

  • Your topic is recent. Books take a long time to get written and published. Try searching for an Article instead. 

Featured Book

Call Numbers

Research Based Journal Article Databases


Magazines (print & online) - popular periodicals aimed a the general public; does not offer an in-depth analysis of the topic. Great for current industry events. 

Journals (online) - periodicals that contain articles written for and by professionals in a specific subject area, such as animation or music. The main purpose is to report on original research or experimentation or analyze on a topic. Useful, for those who need to analyze a topic. 

Newspaper (online) usually published every day or every week and contain the news of the day, commentary, feature articles, and advertising.  Newspapers are good sources to consult for very recent events and for local area news.