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Library Introduction


How to Copy, Print & Scan at the Library

You can start printing, scanning, and copying your documents at the Library. Though we are currently reconfiguring a new printing system, PaperCut so it may or may not work if you plan to print at the Library. We will let you know soon when the new Printing system fully works. 

See Printing Instructions below...


Process of Checking Out Books and Other Materials from the Library

Students (either enrolled in online or on-ground classes) can check out items at the Library for a period of time. 

  • New Patrons must first complete the Library Account Application Form here
  • They will receive an email once their account is complete and will now have complete access to the library catalog, Koha
  • Patrons may browse the catalog beforehand and place a Hold on materials that are available for check out or they may visit the Library during Open Hours and browse the collection from there.
  • Library Staff will let patrons know how long the item may be borrowed and will indicate a due date. 
  • Returning Library items are vital as patrons can acquire fees if late/not returned. 

Students who do not live near the school can only access electronic items from our catalog, Koha

  • You do not need to have a Library Account since Koha is a public to view Library items. Though, when you click on the “Electronic Access” button, it will direct you to the LAFS Login page in which you will need to enter your LAFS Credentials; Same goes for accessing the Library’s Google Drive, you will need to be logged into you LAFS Google Account and not your personal Google Account. Most of the Library’s electronic items need LAFS login credentials in order to access the resource. Here are the instructions on How to Access Electronic Items in Koha.
  • At this time we cannot ship out our Library items. 
  • If students are in need of specific materials, please reach out to the Library team as we can assist on retrieving the material elsewhere or get you an online copy.