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Research Guide: Finding Books

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Books - useful when:

  • You need a broad overview of a topic.

         Example: animation

  • You need an in-depth look at a topic. 

         Example: A biography of Freddie Mercury

Books -  are not useful when: 

  • Your topic is recent. Books take a long time to get written and published. Try searching for an Article instead. 

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Call Numbers

Finding Books on the Shelf

Call numbers are similar to a house address.  It tells us where the book is shelved on the book shelves (also called “stacks.”)  Each book in the library has a unique call number, so it is important to write down the entire number. Most college libraries use the Library of Congress call number system, which consists of letters and numbers. 

The nice thing about call numbers is that they group books on similar topics together, so when you go to the book stacks, you may find other books on your topic nearby.

Online Book Resources

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