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Research Guide: APA Style

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APA Style

When writing a paper, you will be expected to use materials written by experts on that topic.  Using other’s works demonstrates that you have read what the experts have written on the topic, and adds credibility to your project. 

You are expected to cite your sources, i.e., give these authors credit when you use their materials. This list of resources will allow others to look at the sources you used if they want to find more information on your topic.  Another very important reason to cite your sources is that it will protect you from accusations of plagiarism.

Some disciplines will require you to use the MLA style, the Chicago Manual of Style, or  APA style or some other citation style.  Before writing a research paper, ask your instructor what citation style you should use. Whichever style your instructor asks you to use, all will include enough information for the reader to find the book, article or website. 

All citations will include the author’s name, the title of the book or periodical, the title of the periodical article and the publication date.

For specific details and examples on citing sources within a paper and on creating a References page using APA style, refer to the websites below.

The APA, short for American Psychological Association, is a documentation style used mainly in the science area. The APA format typically uses in-text citations with the author's last name and the date of the publication combined with a works cited at the end. The same format is used regardless if the material is directly quoted or paraphrased. 

APA Style