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Faculty Support: Faculty

Welcome Faculty!

The LAFS Library strives to collaborate as an educational partner with all faculty members. Our main goal is to support the range of courses and curriculums with print and digital resources. Faculty have access to library resources and should encourage students to utilize the resources to extend their knowledge of subjects taught in the classroom.

Welcome to the Library

The Los Angeles Film School Library seeks to provide the LAFS community with the best possible environment and resources for research and support.


The LAFS Library plays a vital role in supporting the educational and professional development of its students, staff, and alumni by providing current and relevant books, media, and digital resources. The Library supports its patrons in locating and retrieving information from a wide range of sources and facilitating the learning resource system for the LAFS community.

Library Introduction & Orientation


Los Angeles Film School is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Colleges and Schools. Accreditation standards state “Use of the learning resource system materials must be integrated into a school’s curriculum and program requirements as a mechanism to enhance the educational process and to facilitate positive learning outcomes for students”

Undergraduate Standards: At least one assignment or activity must include a resource from the library.

Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is " the unauthorized use of the written language and thought of another author without proper quoting or citing and representing him/her as one’s own." Whether intentional or unintentional, student plagiarism can evoke discipline such as verbal or written warnings or reprimands, failing assignment grades, failing test grades, or failing class grades, or disciplinary probation.”

Preventing Unintentional Plagiarism

Unintentional plagiarism often occurs when a student does not have a solid understanding of what citations are for and how to use them. LAFS library provides tools and services to address this issue:

  • Citing sources provides comprehensive citations and handouts about MLA and APA formats, click here for more info on citing.
  • Bring your class to the library for an in-person librarian-led workshop



  • Books (Fiction and non-fiction)
  • Scripts (published and unpublished)
  • Music Scores
  • Graphic Novels
  • Magazines
  • DVDs
  • Blu-rays
  • Music CDs
  • Games

*Any suggestions, please make your suggestions here or email the Library Director directly at 

Please login to the Library's digital catalog KOHA to view the collection. You may request a Library Account Application here

Course Reserves

Faculty can place materials on Course Reserves for their students. Placing materials on course reserve is a good way to make sure important course materials are available to students in their class. Textbooks, Scripts, Videos, or Equipment can be on reserve to allow students to keep up in class while they wait for financial aid, the arrival of books ordered online or through the Distribution Center, or if they forgot to bring their materials for the day. 

Please submit your course reserve request at least 3-4 weeks before classes begin to allow sufficient time to process materials or to purchase titles not owned by the library. To submit a request, please use our Course Reserves Form.

Library Koha Catalog

Search through our library catalog, KOHA, which allows users to locate items within the library's collection. The catalog is used to find materials based on author, title, subject, or format which makes it easier to find what you are looking for.



  • Circulation
  • Equipment
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Study Space
  • Info Desk

Faculty Borrowing Privileges

Faculty can check out up to 10 items at one time from the Library. Most library items can be loaned out for 14 days at a time (with the exception of dvds/blu-rays for 7 days and other special item loan requests). Each item can be renewed twice.

If you need the item longer, please speak with the Library Director to approve this special loan request.    

For further information, please visit our Faculty & Staff Policy

Curriculum Support

Designing Research Assignments

The purpose of library research assignments is to develop skills in information competency (IC). IC skills are essential to developing mastery within all disciplines. 

Consult with the Library Director before finalizing the assignment

The librarian can help you design an assignment to make use of appropriate resources to meet the assignments' objectives and help you develop grading criteria for research components. The librarian may suggest a class presentation to prepare students to use specific resources. 

Assume minimal library research knowledge

Few students will know what's available to them or how to effectively search for information and evaluate what they find. Consider assigning an online library workshop that will prepare them for using the research databases, web search tools, evaluating information, and proper citation format. 

Be explicit and clear with assignment

Give students a clear idea in writing of what the assignment involves, suggesting types of sources to be used and not used. If specific titles are required, check with a librarian to ensure availability and correct bibliographic information. 

Allow a variety of topics or resources

Provide students with a range of topics or resources to help distribute access across more materials. For example, one literature professor may suggest a list of 10 journals for students to choose from for an essay assignment. 

Emphasize respect for library materials

Ensure that students are aware that library materials and electronic resources are common goods and must be handled appropriately.

Refer students to the library 

Let students know that library staff are available and want to help them succeed with their assignments. The library is available to assist all students studying all open hours of the library.

For further guidance and support on creating assignments that involve using the Library resources and systems, please email the Library Director directly at  


Need help in accessing or navigating your way through any of our online databases or sites. Visit our Tutorials page here!