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Print, Scan, Copy: Scan

Information and instructions for self-service printing and scanning in the library


Where can I print on campus? 

There are a couple of places on campus that you can print at : LAFS Library, Student Services.

What can I do to make my first-time printing process easier?

It is highly recommended that you download the PaperCut software onto your laptop/device and make sure you have enough funds to print before you go to campus. Please follow the printing instructions here

I am trying to print but no pending documents appear on the printing machine. What does this mean?

You may have not successfully entered your LAFS credentials correctly on your device when sending them to the printer. Please follow the laptop/device printing instructions here.

How much does it cost to Print?

Students start off with a $2.00 credit to their Printing Account. Students can view the instructions to add more credit here.

Printing Costs are as follows for :

B/W : $0.10

COLOR : $0.20

B/W 2-SIDED (each side): $0.08

COLOR 2-SIDED (each side) : $0.18

Scanning at the Library

LAFS Students, Alumni, and Staff can scan files on campus FOR REE (using their email). 

Follow the instructions below on how to use the PaperCut Scanner. 

  1. Scan your school-issued ID badge or enter your LAFS credentials on the screen of the Printer.  
  2. Select "Access Device."
  3. Select "Scan & Send."
  4. Enter a valid email if selecting a "New Destination" or select "Send to Myself" to email the scanned documents to yourself (only use emails for scanning)
  5. Make sure to place your document(s) to be scanned onto the print screen face-down or in the document feeder face-up.
  6. Press the green Start button once ready to scan.
  7. Check your email for the scan copy.