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Print, Scan, Copy

Information and instructions for self-service printing and scanning in the library

Scanning at the Library

LAFS Students, Alumni, and Staff can scan files on campus FOR REE (using their email). 

Follow the instructions below on how to use the PaperCut Scanner. 

  1. Scan your school-issued ID badge or enter your LAFS credentials on the screen of the Printer. 
  2. Place your original documents in the document feeder face up or on the platen glass face down
  3. Insert a thumb drive into Memory Slot A
  4. Select "Access Device".
  5. Select "Scan & Store".
  6. Select "Memory Media".
  7. Select "Memory Media (A:)".
  8. Click "Scan".
  9. Adjust the settings to your preference.
  10. Click the green button.
  11. Make sure to place your document(s) to be scanned onto the print screen face-down or in the document feeder face-up.
  12. Press the green Start button once ready to scan.
  13. Check your email for the scan copy.