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Print, Scan, Copy

Information and instructions for self-service printing and scanning in the library

Making Copies at the Library

LAFS Students, Alumni, and Staff can make copies from the PaperCut Printer. Please follow the steps below. 

  1. First, scan your badge or enter your LAFS Username or Password onto the printer screen. 
  2. Place your document to be copied onto the print screen face down or place your documents face up in the copier feeder tray.
  3. Select your copy settings. Please review before you hit "print."

* If you need to add money to your print account, please visit the PaperCut website or go to the Cashier's Office. Follow the instructions on how to add credit. 

Adding Credit to Your Print Account

There are 2 ways to add credit for printing.

1. Log in to PAPERCUT.LAFILM.COM and add "credit" (or funds) to your Print Account. You may pay using your PayPal account or Pay by Guest by providing your Credit/Debit Card. 

2. Visit the CASHIER'S OFFICE (Bldg. 2, 4th Floor) on campus to add Credit to your Print Account. You may pay in Cash or Credit/Debit Card.