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Filming in Library: Film Shoots



Filmmaker Responsibilities

  • Return Library facilities to the original condition found before filming started (blinds, chairs, computers, displays, etc).
  • Library Staff will not be responsible for moving furniture, setting up film shoots, assisting with the film setup, or takedown.
  • The Filmmaker and crew are responsible for any damages incurred.
  • The Filmmaker shall not present any individual in a defamatory manner or violate any individual's expectation of privacy.

Helpful Tips

  • The LAFS Library reserves the right to terminate any photography, videotaping, or filming that causes an undue disturbance, violates Library or School policies or regulations or endangers the health and safety of Participants, Patrons, or Library Staff. 
  • The Library does not endorse any point of view or position that may be created by the production, and credits should include this disclaimer.


The LAFS Library may be used as a location site to film for Students and Faculty. Providing prior notification, detailed plans, and agreeing to the policies of the Library, Library Staff will be able to help facilitate your next production project!

Please read below the Library Filming Policies prior to sending out an email to the Library Director and filling out the LAFS Film Permit form. 

Filming in the Library Policy

  • Recommended to occur during LAFS Library operating evening hours, Weekends may be available but will need advanced notice (at least 2 weeks prior to film shoot date) to ensure Library Staff or Supervisor be present
  • Must follow all LAFS Library policies (no food or drink, etc.) 
  • In general, access to staff desks or staff-only areas is not permitted, unless needed for the shoot (must consult with Library Staff prior to filming)
  • Must be accomplished without interfering with the study, research, privacy, or safety needs of the Library's Patrons and Staff
  • Must not block access to exits, stairways, doorways, bookshelves
  • Must not alter normal lighting during business hours
  • Cannot involve the use of camera dollies, smoke effects, liquid, etc.


To request filming in the library, please contact the Director of Library Services at