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Work Study Program

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a federally funded part-time employment program used to assist students in meeting their financial obligations to The Los Angeles Film School and to encourage community-service involvement.

If you are interested in working at The LAFS Library, please make sure you visit the Federal Work-Study page on Connect to get more info regarding your work eligibility and to read the Work-Study Student Handbook. You must first submit an Application to see if you are eligible or not.  

If you are already eligible, meaning that you received confirmation from the Work-Study Program stating that you are eligible to work on campus, then you may apply for the Library Assistant job. Please read the job description before sending your resume to the Library Director. 

Go to Library Work Study Job Post. (Please note that if you cannot see the Library job post, that means we are not currently hiring students at the moment. Check back soon.)